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Arunachal entrance - AIEEE toppers

Friday, May 30, 2008 | posted in | 1 comments

My next post post in sequel. :)
This times its for the students who have toiled hard over the years to get in to some ivy-league engineering colleges of India.

I know: neither you nor anyone here (supposedly engineer wannabe species) - can resist the calls from top 50 ( or whatever the figure be)colleges that you get through AIEEE. ( Lets just keep it to AIEEE only in this posts ).

I suppose - Arunachal Pradesh has a good number of seats in NITs/RECs in its kitty for Students under ST category ( it used to be during my times - 2002) .

But, what makes out of this post now - its 2008?
--- >Ya, I can get it!

This is just to share one of my experience when I was in NITK - surathkal. And mostly cornered to why Arunachal Pradesh Govt is least bothered about wasting seats in such institutions.

There are 3 seats (used to be) for students from Arunachal Quota in NITK - surathkal.
ST - 1 ( ECE )
General - 2 ( IT and Civil )

It was during 2003, only 1 that came through ST quota.
2004 - around 2 or 3( I suppose )
2005 - 3 ( again I suppose - too many suppositions - it sucks - My memory )

Now this is the particular event of 2006 that I can recall.

2006 : For Civil branch - none applied. ( General category seldom applies for this course )

One fellow arunachalee ( he was in his final terms of his MBBS degree) called me up to see if it was possible to apply for a vacant Arunachal Seat for an ST category guy,even if the seat is meant for General category from Arunachal Pradesh. He was enquiring it for his Brother ( who had cleared AIEEE ) listed for some other NIT or REC.

I told him it was all possible for Arunachali student to apply for the seat that would otherwise have gone wasted. Only thing is that the applied person ( general catg) doesn't appear on time during the Counseling day in NITK.

I talked to our warden ( mechanical engg lecturer ) if the same was possible.
Next - he enquired the same to the Dean.

Good news - He said it was possible, but under some conditions.

Those were :

  • You should be at the NITK on the counseling day.
  • You can take the seat and fill the form for the same, only once you've discussed the same with the relevant superiors ( wardens, deans etc ).
  • If selected - you will have to pay the fee amount as what other general category students do. No exemption - since you're about to take a general seat.
I feel bad about the Arunachal quota seats that goes wasted. There are plenty of them.
So - if you've cleared AIEEE with a good rank among Arunachalee students, you have a fair enough chances to Bag the seats in NITs- even though you haven't been listed or if you are in a waiting list.

Just to make it clear - That guy didn't apply for NITK surathkal though.
Reason:the counseling was very next day, and they had to be present during counseling day before 1pm - which was way impossible for them ( they were in Ghy or Ita ).

Important thing is - if you want to find the seat - you gotta do something for what it takes.

And few of the thing that it needs is - Keep yourself informed. Try to gather relevant contact informations that you can get and make use of it.

One who searches - wins ! --- just like what Google did ! :)

[ if you've similar kind of events/tips/suggestions to share, which you think can be helpful - please drop it to my mail, I shall have the same posted in this forum under your name]

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