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For Arunachal Entrance Exam Toppers (PCM)- budding engineers

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 | posted in | 4 comments

Congratulations to all of those who have cleared the Entrance exam !

Well! Now since most of you have cleared the Entrance exams and are anxiously waiting for the counseling day.
I don't know much about the Medical seats, but the least all I can do is talk few things for the aspiring engineers.

What next? --- probable question for who have cleared the exam successfully and fetched some good results.

First thing first.

During the counseling you will be alloted the courses that you had cross ticked while filling up the form for Arunachal JEE. I don't know on what basis they decide to give the States.
So you get the course(as per the priority ranking that you had given) and the State.

A word of caution here!!!

Arunachal JEE fetches you the course(Branch of engineering) and the state, But it certainly doesn't fetch you a particular college, unlike the Medical seats.
That's the irony of Arunachal JEE. Your JEE ranking doesn't decide which college you will get once you are done with the counseling and you get the State & the branch name.

Everything is left upon you.

The sole criterion that works here after clearing Arunachal JEE is that, you fly over to the respective state as soon as you can, and contact the respective coordinator for the same, as specified during the counseling.

So it is more of "FIRST COME _ FIRST SERVE" basis.

You might have fetched a rank of 15 but don't be surprised to find someone with rank more than 50+ applying for the same college and the same course. And chances are there if you become late, you might not even get one - at least the one you desire.

As of now most of the colleges alloted by State education department is mostly confined to South India.

Karnataka features to be the favorite one. ( Well, even I'ad done my BE from Karnataka. )
Next could be Kerala, maharashtra etc.

Theres a good number of Karnataka colleges in AP's bag, namely for the places : Hubli, Davangere, Bagalkot, Hassan, Mysore, Gulbarga and Belgaum(sorry if I've missed any)

But you need to do some homeworks before you start looking out for the college.

Try contacting students who are at the moment doing engineering there. You or someone close to you might know --- start hunting for contacts.

Good luck for all your endeavors.

Hope this helps.
Feel free to ask anything.

4 Responses So far
on May 30, 2008 at 10:57 AM  

Rome dear,
Good insight for all those budding upcoming engineers to be...

btw, any idea about how many engineering seats will be alloted by the govt of AP??? Apirants are in thousands ...atleast seat ratio should also be equally as good as number of candidate appeared. Lastly, but not the least -Wishing good luck to all successful candidates in securing seat in JEE-08.

Rome Mele
on May 30, 2008 at 9:10 PM  

I have no clue how many seats would be alloted this time or it was last year. As I didn't go through AP JEE, it was other entrance in fact.

But, I let me make some wild guesses here.
I guess, a student securing serial number within 150 should do fine in fact. I have seen some guys/gals getting into good colleges with a rank(read serial number) way above 160. But, anyway - people who couldn't do great shouldn't be disappointed.
That's the Life... Taking it as it comes - but make the best of what that comes.


on June 11, 2008 at 5:59 AM  

rank projection success
Thanks for letting us know that marks checked is a success.New version of JEE Carnot is launched [http://www.jeecarnot.com/beta]

Rome Mele
on June 15, 2008 at 9:52 PM  

Thanks Somu.


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